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The quality of being honest and having strong principles.

The state of being whole and undivided.

The condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction.

Internal consistency.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a parent?

Do you doubt your choices for your kids, always worrying that you’re not doing right by them?

Do you feel like you spend all your time running from activity to activity, yelling, angry, or alone?

Do you feel like you need a glass (or, ahem, a bottle) of wine at the end of each day just to let go of the stress?

Do you wish you could just have fun with your kids and enjoy the beautiful beings that they are?


There are so many demands inherent in parenting today that it’s hard to feel like we get it right!


What does it mean to parent with integrity?

What does it mean to be whole and undivided as a parent?

To have internal consistency?

To be honest and act in a principled way?


We find these answers by turning inward first to find internal clarity…

And it’s more simple and attainable than you think!


I’ve been where you are.
I have spent many sleepless nights wondering if my kids were going to be messed up for life by my own mistakes.

With Integrity Parenting, you’re encouraged to turn inward because all of the answers you need are there.


Rather than focusing on how to fix your kids, you focus on how to love yourself as you show up vulnerable and afraid in the role of parent. When your children see you as real, and as loving your own self, they learn that they can be real and be loved too, just as they are.

Come to parenting with mindful awareness and learn to treat yourself with kindness.

Only then can you show up for your kids with authenticity and genuineness.

You don’t need to look to “experts” or authors or psychologists or doctors.


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You need to turn toward yourself and look deep.


We all have exactly what we need inside of us to heal and grow to become the people we long to be.

We are born this way!

I help parents reconnect to their inner strength to help them build strong connections with their kids.

These are simple practices grounded in research that you can incorporate in your day-to-day life to bring about real change for yourself and your kids.

Schedule an appointment to work with me today.

We can work together to understand what your authentic and real priorities as a parent are and work to make actionable changes in your day-to-day life with your children. Discover the life of joy and ease that you have always wanted for yourself and your kids.

Together, we can explore mindfulness techniques, self-compassion practices, & restorative yoga.

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